20 Glitter Gel Pens - 150% More Ink

  • $17.99

ALL THE GLITTER – every one of these 20 AWARD WINNING pens – including original and flouro, contains glitter. Now you can add sparkle to your coloring books, work & life!

ALL THE INK – by widening the inner tube, these pens have are packed with the MOST amount of ink possible in a standard gel pen. They last around 2.5 times longer than most similar pens on the market so you can write, draw and color for much longer!

ALL THE COMFORT – with the soft rubber (latex free) grip, you will be able to continue all your projects without suffering fatigue. Relax with a coloring book and feel the stress melt away!

ALL THE FUN - These top, artist quality, premium colored pens are Non-Toxic and Acid Free meaning they are a great gift for kids too. The 1.0mm tip is a good medium point ensuring free flowing ink with no clogging or skipping.